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Posted by Eye On Hate Radio on September 30, 2007

Eye On Hate Radio’s: “World of Hate Report”

mp3 Audio Archive for the September 27th Show
Topics we discussed
Warning Citizens of Roanoke,Virginia 
Renting From Bill White Could BE DANGEROUS;

One Peoples Project, Eye On Hate and Citizens Against Hate: Going South;
Guest DLJ from One Peoples Project;

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  1. nicolen said

    Tonight! 9:00 Eastern! Cold Shot with Nicole Nichols will air on the Eye On Hate Radio Netwrok.


    *A Bizarre Story out of Palmdale, California

    *A Hate Crime in Idaho

    *How the Rich View the Poor

    *Scrap the Justice System & Start All Over

    *Bill White, the Jena 6, and the Faulty Logic of the Racist Right


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