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From One Peoples Project : Nazi’s Smackdown in New Jersey

Posted by Eye On Hate Radio on October 1, 2007

New Jersey Nazis just got handed another smackdown. Regular readers of this website are familiar with the J.O.U.A.M. Hall in Elmwood Park, where the boneheads regularly met, sometimes with us outside letting people know about what was taking place. We never had that many people, but apparently we were enough to make a difference, because after four years of calling attention to this place, it resulted in us getting this meeting place shut down. It has been learned that Richard Lindstrom and his gaggle of hatemongers have been informed that they will not be allowed to hold anymore of their hate conferences and meetings. Town officials have confirmed this, and there will be more in a Herald News article shortly (they can be found at http://www.northjersey.com). And yes, we are celebrating! We also have to give mad props to everyone that was a part of this effort, especially the Pason Family, Residents Against Racism, Anti-Racist Action, People’s Organization for Progress, the Bergen Action Network,

Rest of story here: www.onepeoplesproject.com


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