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Time for Bill White To Go ?

Posted by Eye On Hate Radio on October 2, 2007

Written by One People’s Project   
Friday, 21 September 2007
Well, like we expected, Bill White is getting his time in the sun again because he posted the addresses of the Jena Six. He is supposed to be on CNN tonight (Sept. 21) at 10:00 PM as if he has something important to say. We will go after him now. This is something we have sent out to our supporters earlier today when we saw that Bill decided to inject himself into the Jena Six affair. Floyd Cochran of Eye on Hate was just out in Roanoke, Va. letting residents know this is how he operates, and now that he has decided to threaten minors, is all the more reason why the FBI should stop “monitoring” and “investigating” and nail this idiot the same way they would nail anyone else. If they don’t do it, they better have a damn good explanation, and if freedom of speech is not an acceptable answer. Now let’s be real about this. Bill is a big talker, but never a doer. We have shown time after time from the times we have dealt with him up close and personal that when you directly confront him, he craps a load. And have you ever noticed he never tries anything around our stomping grounds of New York, New Jersey or Philly? He keeps his distance from us and other antifa, which would explain why every time he tries to post our personal information, it is always wrong. And whenever he does post the kind of information nothing ever happens. And we do have to take issue with CNN, because they always seem to be there to make him look larger than the gnat he is. Of course, we don’t have to wait for anyone to deal with him. We can that ourselves. We have CNN’s contact info for you to reach them at and to ask them what it is that has them so in love with Fat Tits. We also have the contact information for the Roanoke NAACP, who we have worked with for the past four years in regards to Bill. They were responsible for bringing Floyd to town last week. We will be back before year’s end. For rest of this story go here Onepeoplesproject.com

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