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Did Roanoke,VA. Racist leader Bill White Kill Someone ? White Says He Did

Posted by Eye On Hate Radio on October 4, 2007

 Bill White Neo Nazi from Roanoke,VA>Roanoke,VA racist leader Bill White just posted this blurb on the Neo-Nazi VNNforum website,today Oct.4 – in it he(White) claims to have killed people and if I read this article right it appears he(Bill White)tried starting a fight on Chapman street today in Roanoke or maybe like racist broadcaster Hal Turner, White just makes shit up. -Floyd

Bill White’s posting on the VnnForum


“So I was driving down Chapman and I saw a blonde girl going to the store and two niggers — one a known pimp, the other from outside the neighborhood, watching her. I drove down the street, talked to some of my workers, drove back, and I noticed the girl walking down the street with these two guys looking like they were following her. I parked a few houses away, talked to one of my workers, and began walking down the street to open some houses up for someone to clean.

Outside 1510 Chapman this guy from outside the neighborhood comes up behind the white girl and grabs her by her hair. The nigger pimp is watching. The big nigger — about 6’4” and maybe 275 lbs — starts cursing at her — something about money and snitching. So I walk over.

“Are you all right?” I ask the girl.

“Motherfucker what the fuck you think you’re looking at?” the big nigger says to me.

“I think I’m looking at something that needs the police,” I say.

I start calling them. “No, don’t call the cops” the white girl screams.

“Motherfucker carry your ass out of here,” the big nigger tells me, walking towards me, making ape motions with his hands.

“Don’t make me get my twelve gauge,” I say.

“You got it on you motherfucker, you got it on you?” the nigger continues, still making ape motions.

“You wanna fight me?” I say, and laugh.

“Yeah motherfucker,” and then he tried to poke me in my chest. I had his arm before his finger got three inches from me.

Then I look into his eyes. <b>”I’ve killed niggers before motherfucker and I will kill again.” </b>
I let go of his arm. He stepped back. Then he turned around and started walking away.

9-11 answered in my other hand. I told them I was in a fight right then with a black pimp who was beating a white prostitute, phoning in description. He took of running, looking scared as a little girl. “Motherfucker Imma get my gat and kill yo ass” he shouted as he ran dow 16 St, towards an overgrown industrial park, long ago turned over to the woods.

Cops couldn’ find him. He was almost certainly hiding in the bushes.

I’m still calming down”.end of posting


One Response to “Did Roanoke,VA. Racist leader Bill White Kill Someone ? White Says He Did”

  1. soarlaurie said

    What can I say Floyd!
    we need to do a few things when dealing with Bil
    remember he is nuts ..so he is in fact dangerous
    take some of his posting with a grain of salt
    AND remember that even as a nut and ego maniac we can never let him out of our sites.

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