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TV News in Roanoke, Neo Nazi Bill White loses fight, gets a black eye

Posted by Eye On Hate Radio on October 11, 2007

Eye On Hate Radio Note : Neo Nazi Bill White can’t seem to keep himself out of the spotlight or in trouble – today according to news reports Bill White suffered a black eye after he allegedly assualted a Roanoke woman.

How long before Bill White causes some serious damage to a citizen of Roanoke ? – Floyd, Eye On Hate Radio

Bill White Gets in a Fight

Lindsey Henley  / WSLS NewsChannel 10

Oct 10, 2007

Roanoke is used to the black eye many would say Bill White gives the Star City.But Wednesday, White was the one with the black eye.

“This guy right here is a crack head, he works for a pimping operation over at that house. We’ve been calling him in pretty regularly for pimping girls on this street. He decided he was going to stop my car,” White said.

That’s when White says he got out of his car and called 9-1-1.

“I took him down on the ground. Once I took him down on the ground, this [woman] came out and started hitting me from behind,” he said.

But there are two sides to every story.

“She was walking down the street and he got to calling her all kinds of ‘n’ words. She was like you don’t even know me like that. He jumped out of the car and started hit on her. I just came and helped her,” Aries Brown said.

Police say White and two others were involved.

They say even with all the commotion, they aren’t planning on filing any charges.

Instead, they’ll leave it up to White and the other two individuals.

“He started it,” Brown said.

For now, we don’t know who is telling the truth, but we do know White is no stranger to the media, and he’s used to being the center of controversy.



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