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Roanoke’s Neo Nazi Leader Bill White facing charges

Posted by Eye On Hate Radio on October 13, 2007

Parties say race inspired attack

A conflict between two black people and a white supremacist ended with assault warrants.

A black woman and man swore out assault warrants against Roanoke white supremacist William A. White after a fight Wednesday.

White said he countered those charges by swearing out warrants of his own against LaToria Minnis, 26, and Aries Brown, 32, both of Roanoke.

White and Minnis both have been served with summonses. Brown had not been served as of Friday afternoon.

White is the leader of a Roanoke-based white supremacy group and has a Web site he uses to blog on the subject.

Police were called to the intersection of 13th Street and Chapman Avenue Southwest just after 4 p.m., Roanoke police spokeswoman Aisha Johnson said. Police didn’t see the fight and didn’t make any arrests, Johnson said.

How the fight started, and the details of the brawl, differ depending on who is recounting it.

Brown and Minnis said White yelled a racial slur and derogatory names at Minnis as she walked down Chapman Avenue.

Then, White hit Minnis in the face and Brown jumped in to help her, Minnis said.

White has a different recollection of the fight.

White said that people in the area resent him for telling police about the illegal activities that he said take place there.

While White was driving down the street, where he owns several rental houses, Brown started yelling racial slurs at him and stood in front of his car, blocking it, White said.

White was out of his car and on the phone with 911 when Brown attacked him, White said.

White said he tried to choke Brown.

Then, Minnis kicked and hit White so he would let go of Brown.

“I have never run around assaulting people,” White said.

Paramedics treated Minnis for a cut to the corner of her mouth, she said.

They also checked out Brown for injuries, he said.

White said he suffered only a scrape and a few bumps.

White and Minnis are scheduled to appear in court Nov. 7.


One Response to “Roanoke’s Neo Nazi Leader Bill White facing charges”

  1. irgumstern said

    Now there’s a couple of guys [White,Minnis] who have all the guts of a yellow-belly Spat-Sucker, maybe they could eat a bullet just like their hero, the little house painter, did in 1945 and make this a better world.

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