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How Hate Groups Recruit Young People

Posted by Eye On Hate Radio on October 16, 2007

Here is an old article I wrote in 1993 called” How Hate Groups Recruit Young People” – while the names of people may have changed since I wrote this , the underlying themes and thoughts of how hate groups are recruiting people are still the same today in 2007 – Floyd Cochran,Eye On Hate Radio – www.eyeonhate.com

How Hate Groups Recruit Young People
by Floyd Cochran
The young people of today are inheriting a world trembling with uncertainty and changes. This changing world can be overwhelming for anyone, let alone young people in the early stages of personal growth.
Helping youths discover a stability within themselves is essential to their personal identity and hence the larger cultural identity. As educators, you have tremendous influence over the path a young person will take into adult life.Therefore, you need to be aware of racist ideas that can influence a young person’s perception of personal and cultural identity. This article attempts to explain how professional racist organizations are recruiting our young people today, with alarming results.

This information is the result of my involvement of over 15 years in the racist movement. The last two of these years I spent as public spokesman and youth recruiter for the white supremacist neo-nazi organization known as Aryan Nations. I worked extensively with young people ages 14 to 24, from all over the United States and Canada.

Now that I no longer espouse racism, I feel it is my responsibility to use my knowledge of organized racism’s intersection with young people in a positive way. I hope that this is of help to you, the educator, concerned with the future of your students and students everywhere.

Racist organizations know the strength of a need to belong. One of the first things I was told upon entering organized hate was that I was family, that I had a reference point of belonging. This told me I was wanted, and helped me to gain self-esteem. I now had an identity and purpose, and was part of something important and larger than myself.

Most racists come from dysfunctional families where the need to belong is not met. Instinctively, the young person looks outside the family for fulfillment of that need. The organized racists are there to fulfill it.

Music has always been a focus of bonding between young people. The organized racists are no different. Concerts are a good recruiting scene for racist skinheads. Bands such as Screwdriver and Blood and Honor provide an appealing soundtrack for racist ideas. Youths attracted to musical groups expressing feelings of alienation between the individual and society are susceptible to crossing over into doctrines of hate.

Flags, symbols, and uniforms are strong social binders. This is reflected in the regalia of armies, of nations, all the way down to fast food restaurants and sports teams. This symbolism identifies a person as one who belongs, one who has a place. As evidenced by the mass gatherings and parades of Nazi Germany, symbolism can have a powerful effect on a young person’s identity, and can be used to motivate the individual to relinquish personal identity into the power of a group. Racist Skinheads have a distinct uniform: combat boots, cuffed blue jeans, surplus flight jackets, and shaved heads. This helps the racists to act as a unit, a family.

All developing youths feel the need to be endowed with responsibility. This gives a sense of personal growth and gives the young person a model that prepares them for the responsibility coming in adult life. Racist organizations appeal to that need by providing racist young people with large doses of responsibility. From strapping on a firearm and guarding perimeters to the coordination of racist activities, this kind of responsibility is intoxicating for young people who are struggling with the need to prove that they are valuable human beings, worthy of the world.

Responsibility must soon be coupled with a sense of purpose, a larger spiritual and cultural purpose. Religion is one of the most powerful phenomena available for transmitting a sense of identity and belonging to a higher purpose. The Christian Identity faith is the religious expression of the racist movement of the 1990s. Young people around the United States and Canada are becoming involved in its theology of hate.

The basic needs of young people are being addressed by the purveyors of hate, unity, identity and family. Education & Vigilance is but one of the keys to combating the growth of hate and bigotry. Teaching young people to explore that which is different rather than fear the unknown is instrumental in the evolution of a healthy society. You, as educator, play an integral part in helping to ensure that the children of today do not become the leaders of tomorrow’s hate.


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