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Eye On Hate Radio: You Talk, We Listen !

Posted by Eye On Hate Radio on October 23, 2007

Eye On Hate Radio: You Talk, We Listen
Eye On Hate Radio receives many emails and postings on various sites with suggesstions for the Eye ON Hate Radio show, one of the many request we have received in the past week is the following:

Who cares? I’m really tired of this moron (neo nazi Bill White). No offense to you Floyd, but don’t you think you’ve got bigger fish to fry?

I am in full agreeance! Lets all leave the assklown alone and focus on Ron Paul and Guiliani and all of this anti immigrant shit!


Floyd response:
As the saying goes “you talk, we listen” or something like that – i will start focusing more on people like Ron Paul and immigration ect.. – may need some help from people here on this board in terms of research and ideas – of course I still have to chat about the boneheads and assclowns.

I will be out of the loop today,in a little while here, I will be leaving for a speaking engagement at the Mont Alto,Penn State Campus later tonight.

As of the moment – one of our guest this week will be OPPforum member Crypto –

If anyone else would like to be a guest on the show let me know by Thursday afternoon no later than 7pm est. so we can make arrangements to get you on the air.

To all thanks for the advice and ideas and support.



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