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New Look,New Sound,News & Commentary from Eye On Hate Radio Tonight at 9pm est.

Posted by Eye On Hate Radio on November 8, 2007

Archive is now posted here http://www.eyeonhate.com

Eye On Hate Radio for Nov. 8th
Tonight at 9pm est. tune in and listen to the latest news concerning racist activities in the US and Around the World.

Topics for tonight:
Neo Nazis on the March in Russia;
The Demise of Aryan Nations;
Why We Consider Ron Paul A Racist;
Did IBM Support Nazi Germany ?
plus Headlines in Hate
and your questions.
We will be joined by Crypto and Nikki Nichols.

Plus some brand new music, tonight we will feature music by:
Public Enemy – Fight the Power
System of the Down
Rage against Machine

We have clear up the tech problems (we hope) that we had last week.
To listen to tonight’s program and view our new web look go to 
www.eyeonhate.com  click on the winamp icon


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