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Dec.6 Eye On Hate Radio Live at 9pm est.

Posted by Eye On Hate Radio on December 7, 2007

Tonight Dec. 6 at 9pm est.
Go To http://www.eyeonhate.com Eye On Hate Radio, Click on Winamp Icon
For “Headlines in Hate News Review”
with Floyd Cochran

Some of Tonight’s Topics
Hate Crime in Boston ?’
Charges Dropped Against Anti-Racists in Virginia,
Cross Burning in NY, One Arrested,
Hate Crime Legislation: Dropped,
Introducing Freedom’s Voices On-Line,
Plus More


One Response to “Dec.6 Eye On Hate Radio Live at 9pm est.”

  1. Skeptical said

    Not sure I buy into the whole “Ron Paul is a racist” line that Floyd put out there tonight. I think that is sort of shitty. Paul would never associate with these nobs and to assert as such is pretty stupid. You guys seem a little too far left of reality to be siding with when you say stupid crap like that.

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